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We’re about more than just physical health. We’re about you.
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Where communities matter.

At IWC, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services designed to contribute to the highest good of our community, improving health, wellbeing and quality of life for all.

Across our locations in Bundaberg and the North Burnett, our service model has evolved over the 20 years that IWC has been in operation, underpinned by a lateral, whole-of-person model of care in mind. The services offered at IWC are expanding, and we are excited to continue to bring vital services to all in our community.

Choose the care or help you need

Mental Health

See Life Differently - Set your sails for Life. Our team of dedicated and welcoming psychologists focus on your individual needs and work with you towards achieving your goals.

Physical Health

Get back to your best way of life managing ongoing health conditions and disabilities.

Dental Health

Providing quality and affordable dental care with a team of professional and compassionate dentists.

Home Care Services

Live the life you deserve in the home you love, surrounded by people who care about you and your independence.

Disability Support

IWC provides reliable and quality guidance, information, and support to eligible NDIS Participants in our community.

Family & Community

At IWC, we understand that taking care of your social, emotional, and cultural wellbeing can help keep you and your mob healthy and happy.

Our services

At IWC (Indigenous Wellbeing Centre Ltd) we’re about more than just physical health. We’re about you. We understand that you’re more than just a name, a number, or a diagnosis.

Our Medical Centres, Dental Practice, and Allied Health services are focused on physical health, including Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Diabetes Education and Speech Pathology. These services work together to ensure everyone we meet is feeling, moving, and living at their best. Our Medical Centre is represented by a passionate team of Indigenous Health Workers and Practitioners, ensuring cultural barriers to effective healthcare are removed. To build on these services, IWC offers a state-of-the-art Gymnasium complete with restorative steam rooms and massage chairs.

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Mental health

IWC offers Psychology services delivered by a dedicated team of psychologists creating a safe space to provide support on your mental health journey. Our psychology services are accessible, affordable, and open to everyone.

Home Care client having a chat with a staff member

Home care service

Our Home Care service ensures elderly members of our community have access to domestic assistance and maintain a healthy level of social interaction.

NDIS Group Photo

Local area coordinator for NDIS

We also operate as the Local Area Coordinator for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for the Bundaberg region, supporting the vulnerable and disadvantaged to gain access to vital disability funds and support to build their capacity to transform their lives.

Men's Group in Gayndah

Social, health & wellbeing

Our Social, Health and Wellbeing team operates multiple programs to support First Nations community members to gain access to and support from services. This team works in Chronic Disease Management, Family support, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Youth Intervention, and cultural connection.