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Join our team of talented people and help us transform the lives of people in our people in our communities.

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The IWC difference

At IWC, we show the same level of compassion, care, and respect for our people, as we do for our patients and clients. We're passionate about improving the lives of people in our communities - including our staff. Our friendly and welcoming culture, along with our commitment to staff development and empowerment, makes IWC a great place to work.

Why should you join us?

Flexible Hours

You have a family, commitments, and life outside of your career. At IWC, we impress the importance of having a work-life balance and are considerate of your changing circumstances and availability.

Ongoing Professional Development

We want our people to feel encouraged and supported to find fulfillment in life. We regularly host career development and training days and encourage staff to find other work-related courses, training, and interests that we can support them through.

Mandatory Leave

Unlike businesses that have a more relaxed attitude to your leave entitlements and need for a break, at IWC, leave is mandatory. We want you to take the time you need, not for any selfish reason, other than us wanting our people to prioritise life, wellbeing, and happiness.

Competitive Rates

You're more than your qualifications. You hold a unique set of abilities and quality in your hands. In exchange for sharing your talents with us, we offer competitive rates.

Discounts on our Services

IWC hosts several services under our roof, including Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Other Allied Health Services, a Gym and a Cafe. As a member of our team, you're entitled to staff rates on all our owned services.


Join our Team!

If you think you'd thrive as a member of our professional, compassionate, and caring group of people, we welcome your application. View our current vacancies or send us an Expression of Interest (EOI).