On Friday 9th December our Bundaberg Centre will close early at 4:00 PM AEST while our staff attend an offsite function. Our Gym will also be closed during this time. Regular staffed hours for our Gym will resume Saturday 10th December.

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IWC is where communities  matter . It's a meeting place, a safe space to connect, a doorway to improved health and wellbeing, a community, and a family. Everyone is welcome at IWC!

Our Services

Our passion is providing high quality, compassionate healthcare...

Our Accredit Practising Dietitians believe in practical and...

We embrace your whole self - home, family, community and...

We work hard to keep the costs of our dental services as affordable...

Our Gym provides a supportive, safe and accessible space for...

Every person deserves to be heard - whether through verbal or non...

Offering a range of physiotherapy services and specialisations, our...

We know you are an individual. You have a unique set of experiences...

Live the life you deserve in the home you love, surrounded by...

Supporting Us

IWC is a non-government, Aboriginal community-controlled organisation and Registered Charity. You can help support us by donating to IWC. Donations over $2 are tax-deductable. To donate, simply click the PayPal Donate Button below. For more information on donations, call us on 1300 492 492.

The message behind our logo

What do you have in your hands? What can you contribute or share with us to bring about positive transformation in our precious peoples where our highest good is for all of us to have health, wellbeing and happiness?”


It was a question asked of local traditional owner Elders when consulting with them around the creation of IWC.


Within those Hands of Peace, reconciliation, unity and inclusion in the IWC logo is a symbol of the most dramatic transformation emerging – that of chrysalis to butterfly.


For the Elders who were consulted, the butterfly in the IWC logo is a totem that covers the whole region and represents good rain, growth and regeneration. It represents human fragility amid our potential for an abundant life filled with words and actions of the highest good for ourselves and others.


The Hands of Peace represent IWC’s release of all its services to all people across the regions.  The logo demonstrates reconciliation in action.

The IWC journey, with its delivery of a growing range of services to all, takes patience and hard work.  Guided by the butterfly in the hands, the IWC continues to ask the question, “What do you have in your hands?”


IWC knows that in sharing our gifts, transformation of the highest good in our communities will occur, and bring healing of our Land and Spirit.

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IHCA Accreditation
QIP Accreditation
AGPAL Accreditation