First phase of $2.43m North Burnett project completed

THE first phase of the $2.43 million IWC North Burnett project has been completed, with the clearing of the site ready for construction. IWC, an Aboriginal-controlled organisation working for all people, has committed to a major project to create a new IWC North Burnett Health & Wellbeing Community Centre. “The centre will serve all of the North Burnett region, and build on the services currently delivered by IWC as well as opening the doors to other service providers by offering a purpose-built facility,” said IWC General Manager Wayne Mulvany. “This is an exciting project that is rising like a phoenix from the ashes to build community services for all people in the region and generate loca

To all our valued members of IWC Gym

The Australian Government has introduced a range of measures recently in an effort to address the COVID-19 virus pandemic currently being experienced across the world, including here in Australia. One of the recent measures announced by the Government is a closure of gyms and indoor sports facilities from midday, Monday 23 March 2020. In compliance with these announcements, the IWC Gym has now closed, from 12 midday Monday 23 March 2020. In response to this situation IWC has placed all current memberships / passes on hold. IWC Gym will closely monitor developments and intends to reopen when the current restrictions are eased, and most importantly, when it is safe to do so. You are not requ


THERE were tears of joy among the guests as the sun set and the coloured downlights were switched on for the first time on Tuesday (17 March) to showcase the 80m-long pictorial screens that wrap the IWC Health & Wellbeing Complex in Bundaberg. Aboriginal Elders and Traditional Owners from across Bundaberg region came together at a ceremony to mark the significant step towards true Reconciliation for the community. The screens show the pictorial Aboriginal history of the region, with each of the 11 panels depicting oral histories about Sacred Sites, ancient traditions and, importantly, the bloody massacres that decimated Aboriginal peoples in the 19th century. Each of the downlight colours ha


GREEN for the region’s grassy landscapes, aqua for the ocean, ochre for the rich soil, and red for the blood spilled in massacres during the 19th century. These are some of the colours chosen by Aboriginal Elders for a light display at the IWC Health & Wellbeing Complex, Bundaberg, to be unveiled at a special evening ceremony on Tuesday March 17. The shifting panorama of subtle downlit colour will highlight an 80m-long pictorial tableau of First Nations peoples’ history of the region, bringing each of the 11 images to life against the dark night sky. The work to develop the massive and unique display has been undertaken with Traditional Owner / Elders Uncle Raymond (Willy) Broome, Uncle Wayn

Closing the Gap has created a chasm, filled with freeloaders

CLOSING the Gap has long been deemed a misguided, and largely unsuccessful, attempt by bureaucrats and wannabe “saviours” who think they know best how to bring about improvements in health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. But as PM Scott Morrison said on February 12, when releasing the 2020 Closing the Gap report: “We … thought we understood their problems better than they did. We don’t. They live them.” True words. Refreshingly so. It is a fact that the Closing the Gap approach, devised by bureaucrats and aligned with values that are a million philosophical miles from our Aboriginal communities, has created a chasm. A chasm of wasted resources and pointless tracking of mea

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