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IWC Dental Practice has reached a new milestone, achieving Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) Dental Practice Accreditation. QIP is Australia’s most comprehensive not-for-profit accreditation agency, and the process of proving IWC’s quality was a long one for our dental and Executive staff. Dr Imran Habib, senior dentist at IWC Dental Practice, said the new accreditation was a testament to the skills and professionalism of the staff. “Achieving this accreditation involves ticking many boxes, from ensuring that the practice meets the standard guidelines of the Australian Dental Association, which are ranked highest in the world in terms of safety,” he said. “Each box requires you to prove s

Charity Golf Day winners announced

The Charity Golf Day on Saturday was full of winners – and not just for golf! The full list is attached, and the winning team is pictured here with IWC Health Worker and volunteer on the day Clem Shadford. The overall winners were Brent Chambers, Brian Nugent and Peter Ulcoq, who took home great prizes including an $88 voucher each, donated by Leah Zahl of Leah’s Essential Beauty. Thanks to Leah, who also was a great supporter of last year’s Charity Golf Day. Off the course, the “Guess how many chocolates” was a sweet drawcard, and who would believe that there were TWO correct answers. The dual winners were Di Baker and Kathy Ratcliff, and they shared the prize, each taking half of the cups

Reconciliation prize-winners announced!

PRIZE-winners from this year’s Reconciliation Week celebrations have been selected, and IWC wishes to congratulate our winners. As part of the week, colourers were invited to decorate the image of the tree on display in the Guava Café (pictured) on paper. Some lovely designs shone through – particularly in the 8-12 years category – that put unique twists on the tree’s aesthetic. There were also a range of great responses from the community about what reconciliation meant to them, which were much appreciated by IWC. For Carlos, whose response saw him take home the IWC prize hamper, Reconciliation was about making “one’s views or beliefs compatible with others,” “so white people and aboriginal

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