Reconciliation in Action

Not to be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of IWC Ltd Executive. Within the Language of a Healing Paradigm, Reconciliation in Action motivates, values and recognizes the rightness of “we-ness” over-riding the isolation and egocentricity of singularity in a relationship. It breaks the cyclical mindset of the current status quo, bringing into reality a subliminal integrity that transcends politics. It requires a collective translucent humility because the paramount focus of Reconciliation in Action is bringing people into a safe and secure zone where barriers can be recognized, respected, responded to and resolved. From this, we are empowered to consider “we”, “our

Under 8s connect the dots with cultural activities

Thabeban School hosted its annual Under 8s day, with buddies from older years coming in to take them through the gauntlet of events. IWC was pleased to be a part of the day, inviting students to engage in clapstick painting, the Reconciliation Week colouring-in competition and healthy eating education activities. The local Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) turned out as well, bringing the noise with sirens and heavy duty road accident rescue equipment for the young students. With so many different activities, it was a great opportunity to play together and lay the foundation for respectful relationships. IWC recognises Thabeban School for its inclusion of Indigenous-themed activi

Art imitates life at Shalom

IWC has kicked off its Reconciliation Week 2019 celebrations with a little bit of help from Shalom College. The Year 8s from the school worked together to bring the project to the community, which shows how the cell structures of plants and animals at a microscopic level are often mirrored in the art of Indigenous Australians. The art “cells” project started in term one of this year, with local Indigenous artist Wakka Boy (Adrian Munro) visiting with the students to advise on the sorts of patterns to use and what their meanings were. Tyla and Molly (pictured) were able to come along to present the collective work of Shalom’s year 8 students to IWC. “We had a group of about three or four that

Cultural Responsiveness supports Reconciliation in Action

NATIONAL Reconciliation Week 2019 starts on Monday May 27, with this year’s theme being ‘Grounded in Truth, Walk Together with Courage’. It is a week that for IWC, an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation here for all people in our communities, is core business. We are committed to delivering Reconciliation in Action every day. We know that true reconciliation “Grounded in Truth” is not possible unless bridges of real communication, acceptance and understanding are created between First Nation peoples and non-Aboriginal Australians. To this end, IWC has spent many years consulting with Traditional Owners and Elders across Australia to develop Cultural Responsiveness Training for work

Bundy raises a cup to Cancer research

IWC was proud to take part in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea today, raising money and awareness at its McLean St Home Care office in Bundaberg. The Morning Tea supports the Cancer Council, which helps to fund research that may prove critical to the next great leap forward in treatment of the disease. Gary, who has been with IWC Home Care for the last two years, has had many brushes with cancer. As a teenager, his mother’s cancer forced the family to move to Melbourne for potentially life-saving treatment. Tragically, she passed when he was 17 after a five-year battle. “It was a five year battle before she passed away. Unfortunately, my brother got bowel cancer, and also died. We had about f

Electric car greenwashing doesn’t make environmental “cents”

THERE are winners and losers in the push by both Labor and the Coalition to make electric cars a major part of our auto landscape within a decade. Winners in NoPlace areas of regional Australia will be fast food outlets, motels, the tow-truckies, and sellers of walking boots. Losers will be the average NoPlace family, boaties, fishos, Grey Nomads … and the global environment.Yes, the environment is emerging as a clear loser in this commitment by the mainstream parties to massively increase electric cars by 2030 (Labor policy is 50% of new cars, Coalition 25-50%). At the heart of the killing blow to the “clean green” image of electric cars sits the ubiquitous lithium battery required to power

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