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Healthy Life from the Start

Connected Beginnings

Supporting First Nations Children 0 to 5 years in gaining the best start in life.
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What is Connected Beginnings?

Connected Beginnings is a culturally responsive program dedicated to improving access to early childhood, maternal and child health and family support services for First Nations children aged 0 to 5.

Connected Beginnings provides individualised support, focused education sessions, and group activities that improve health, wellbeing and developmental outcomes for jarjums and their families.

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Individualised Support, Education & Group Activities

The services provided in the Connected Beginnings program are focused on enhancing children's health, development and school readiness through a holistic model of care. Delivered through tailored education, referral pathways, and connection building in the key areas of antenatal education, medical, child development, parenting, allied health, and social, emotional, and wellbeing support.

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Support Services

  • First Nations Health Assessment
  • Holistic Care Management Services
  • Focused Education Sessions
  • Group Activities
  • Connection Education & Information

Meet the Team

Our Connected Beginnings Team consists of Larissa, an Indigenous Health Worker, and Stephanie, an Endorsed Midwife & Registered Nurse.


"We're committed to working alongside children and their families to facilitate appropriate supports, referrals and connections - improving outcomes for each and every jarjum" 

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