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IWC puts a spotlight on Women’s Wellness

With the support of Serenity Skin Spa, Splitter’s Farm, Salon on Sims, Booty and the Beast Fitness, and The Happy Snack Company, IWC is shining a spotlight on Women’s Health and Wellness in the Bundaberg region with a Women’s Wellness event we’re calling ‘Yeah, the Girlz’. The event will take place on Wednesday, October 26th. , and will be a special closed event for 50 amazing Bundaberg women looking to have a day out with the girlz and learn about the women’s health and wellness services available in the region.

Many women in the community have raised concerns with us about the lack of available services in Bundaberg specific to women’s health. As an inclusive, community-run, and charitable organisation, IWC has and will always look for ways to advocate for and support the people in our communities. Hosting a women’s wellness day to bring about a greater level of attention and focus to the topic, while providing further support and education, is an initiative that strongly aligns with our ethos and is one that we’re passionate about.” said Wayne Mulvany, IWC Chief Executive Officer

‘Yeah, The Girlz’, is a free event and, is about taking a day to focus on your wellness and engage with health practitioners to discover the services available in the region and learn about the holistic model of care IWC delivers.

Starting at 10 am, guests, who have registered to attend via Eventbrite, will arrive at Building 2 of the IWC Health and Wellbeing Centre. Here they will be checked in and receive their goody bag full of samples, information, and products to take care of their overall wellness.

The day will then kick off with a presentation on Contraception options from Dr. Alicia Kohn, who has recently started offering Mirena insertion as a service for patients of the IWC Medical Centre.

Other presentations on the day will include a discussion on Pelvic Floor health and management with Women’s Health Physiotherapist Danielle Wieland; an Intuitive Eating presentation from Gina Horn, Accredited Practising Dietitian; and a Mindfulness and Journalling session with Skye Wilson, Provisional Psychologist.

Between sessions, attendees with have the opportunity to mingle and meet with health professionals from the IWC organisation including our Midwife, Diabetes Educators, Accredited Practising Dietitians, and Indigenous Health Practitioners.

Guests will also enjoy a complimentary lunch and drinks, as well as access to 15-minute sessions in the Massage Chairs at the IWC Gym. The day will wrap up at 2 pm, though guests will be leaving with a pass to come back and try out the Steam Rooms as well!

Spaces are limited for this special private event.

For more information, contact:

Katelyn Kenrick

Marketing Officer

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