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IWC GM one of region’s Top 10 Most Influential People

IWC General Manager Wayne Mulvany has been named as one of the region’s Top 10 Most Influential People. The announcement was made by the Bundaberg NewsMail on 6 March, when it revealed the Top 50 influencers, chosen by five judges.

Mr Mulvany sits within the Executive of IWC, and since 2006 has been working alongside CEO Ara Harathunian. In those years, IWC has grown to deliver around 97,000 Episodes of Care a year, with a client base of more than 12,000 and growing.

This is an acknowledgement that every member of the IWC team is making a real difference to the lives of people right across our communities. It also shows that IWC’s efforts to help our Indigenous, disadvantaged, at-risk, vulnerable and frail people have a Voice – something they have long been denied – are working.

Mr Mulvany said: “While I appreciate the recognition, I really am not someone who requires accolades of a personal nature. IWC’s achievements come through the work of a strong team without which we would not be making such a difference.”

He added: “While IWC focuses on being a positive influence for grassroots change, that unfortunately cannot be said of some who wield large levels of influence, much of it unseen in the public arena. That is an environment in which we are very active, to benefit the communities we serve. So I would say that in the end it’s not about where you sit in a list of ‘influencers’ but how you use that influence.”

We have 140 staff, and are the largest employer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our region. IWC has 27 services and programs, and is here to help all people – Indigenous and non-Indigenous – improve their health and wellbeing.