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FREE ‘come and try’ Tai Chi Qigong session to be held at IWC

As part of the Stage 2 expansion of IWC, a new space has been made available to practitioners of alternate healing practices – including Tai Chi!

Instructor Heidi Brown from HB Tai Chi offers these classes every Thursday at 5.30pm, usually at a cost of $15 per class. To help spread the word about the benefits of this ancient practice, she will be hosting a free ‘come and try’ session on Thursday, January 23, at IWC Gym.

Tai Chi and Qigong are ancient Chinese arts that combines meditation and breathing exercises with slow, deliberate movements. Tai Chi has its roots in ancient Chinese martial arts and philosophies. Many of its movements live on through modern-day martial arts.

Qigong translates literally to “life energy work”. It is a gentler art aimed at cultivating health in all areas; physical, mental and spiritual, that originated in China about seven thousand years ago. It is the basis of Chinese medicinal theory, and can be practised physically or as a stationary meditation.

The routines are designed to improve balance, alignment, and bring about a state of positive mental health without high-impact exercise. It is an excellent activity for people looking to get back into exercise, as it improves general fitness. The routines teach better muscle control and can help you improve your coordination as a result.

The session is a constant flow from one form to another, and can be learned and practiced in a group or alone. It is increasingly popular in Queensland, as it is accessible and beneficial to people of all ages.

Community members and their families are welcome to attend the free session. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

To learn more about Tai Chi or Qigong, click here.

For more information about the services offered through IWC Gym, contact Ben Courtice by emailing email hidden; JavaScript is required.