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Ancient ceremony marks start of Reconciliation Week

“IWC is Aboriginal Community Controlled, and committed to Reconciliation in Action every day,” said IWC Director and Traditional Owner / Elder Aunty Cheri Yingaa Yavu-Kama-Harathunian.

“Our holistic model of care is underpinned by Aboriginal Terms of Reference, and everything we do supports community working together to achieve the highest good of all people.”

At the official opening, Byron Broome of the Taribelang tribe delivered a traditional smoking ceremony with didgeridoo and clapsticks, while Aunty Cheri provided the Welcome to Country.

“The smoke from the native plants, delivered within a traditional ceremony has healing and cleansing properties, and pays respect to our country,” said Aunty Cheri. “This ceremony was everything that Reconciliation must be – healing and moving forward while respecting and understanding our eons-old history.”

Handcrafted boomerangs, explanations of Aboriginal art, displays of artefacts and servings of bush tucker also marked the day.

“The theme for Reconciliation Week 2018 is ‘Don’t Let History Be A Mystery’, and IWC has brought to the community a week of activities including free tours of the more than Aboriginal artefacts at the Centre by the Taribelang Aboriginal Culture Tours, language and art activities, bush tucker, children’s storytelling and much more,” said Aunty Cheri.

There also has been an opportunity for personal reflection, with visitors invited to share their thoughts about Reconciliation in a special book created by IWC, and to take home a memento of their participation in the celebrations.