Booklets and flyers

IWC booklets and flyers about our services and initiatives are available to download and print here.

Medical and Health Booklet cover
Dental Flyer 2021-page-001.jpg
IWC MH Services GP Process Document 2009
Home Care Booklet 2020 cover v2.jpg
Midwife Flyer 2021-page-001.jpg
IWC ISCP GP Process Document 200902-page
Family & Communities Flyer 2021-page-001
NB Hearing Checks 0-5 years 2021-page-00
Home Care Flyer 2021-page-001.jpg
SMS for medical 2021-page-001.jpg
ITC flyer - 2 pages - 2021-page-001.jpg
IWC Cultural Connect program flyer-page-
Hearing Australia IWC hearing checks Bun
Donation flyer 2021-page-001.jpg

Pivot21 and IWC Gym flyers can be downloaded here.

IWC Dietetics Flyer 2021 - Pivot21 - v3.
IWC Dietetics Flyer VETERANS 2021 - Pivo
Speech pathology flyer FINAL.jpg
Gym DL flyer v1.jpg
Privacy Flyer 2021-page-001.jpg