Booklets and flyers

IWC booklets and flyers about our services and initiatives are available to download and print here.

Medical and Health Booklet cover
Home Care Booklet 2020 cover v2.jpg
SMS for medical 2021-page-001.jpg
Dental Flyer 2021-page-001.jpg
Privacy Flyer 2021-page-001.jpg
Midwife Flyer 2021-page-001.jpg
ITC flyer - 2 pages - 2021-page-001.jpg
IWC MH Services GP Process Document 2009
IWC ISCP GP Process Document 200902-page
IWC Cultural Connect program flyer-page-
NB MHS poster v2 200916.jpg
Family & Communities Flyer 2021-page-001
NB Hearing Checks 0-5 years 2021-page-00
Hearing Australia IWC hearing checks Bun
Home Care Flyer 2021-page-001.jpg
Donation flyer 2021-page-001.jpg
Guava Cafe flyer 2021-page-001.jpg

Pivot21 and IWC Gym flyers can be downloaded here.

IWC Dietetics Flyer 2021 - Pivot21 - v3.
IWC Dietetics Flyer VETERANS 2021 - Pivo

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