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Residential rehabilitation pledge welcome

IWC welcomes the promise by the LNP to deliver a residential rehabilitation facility for our region. The community has spoken loudly around the issue of Ice and other drugs in the region.

In 2016 IWC hosted, with the NewsMail, the Bundaberg Region Community Ice Forum in which 46 organisations, and more than 80 delegates, participated. As well as the organisations running drug and alcohol programs, delegates came from the frontline areas of our community facing the impacts of Ice and other drugs at the grassroots – police, ambos, schools, the hospital, GPS, pharmacies seniors and youth organisations and groups, government agencies, businesses and many more.

The forum took a workshop format and was co-facilitated by Jeff Buckley, State Director of Clinical Support Services in Queensland Health, CEO of the Queensland Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies (QNADA) Rebecca MacBean, and IWC Communications Manager Janette Young.

Everyone had equal voice, and equal voting rights when it came down to action planning and identifying what the community saw as the best solutions for our needs.

The priority action identified by the delegates was for a residential rehabilitation facility in Bundaberg region.

IWC is pleased to see that the voice is being listened to.