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We're partnering with our communities to transform lives by applying our holistic approach, tailored to your health and wellbeing.

IWC Building

Our Organisation

IWC Ltd came about as a result of long-standing concerns by Aboriginal Elders and the community around a lack of culturally diverse services for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) population of the Bundaberg and Wide Bay / Burnett regions.

The Indigenous Wellbeing Centre Ltd was born out of the Bundaberg Burnett Region Community Development Aboriginal Corporation, with a primary focus on improving all aspects of local Indigenous peoples’ lifestyle, health and wellbeing by offering

services designed to provide greater opportunities for equity and equality.

The IWC developed a 20-year Corporate Blueprint (First Steps) and Strategic Plan/s (Second Steps) and finally Operational Plan/s (Third Steps). These

prioritised health, employment / training and education as key factors to address.

IWC proposed a service model to address the needs and respond to the community’s aspirations for healthy lifestyle change and to address the historical

imbalance in service delivery for Indigenous peoples.


The needs analysis which was undertaken revealed key issues that had to be considered if a healthy and sustainable wellbeing lifestyle were to be addressed. Our services meet those needs.

From its beginnings, the IWC has been focused on empowerment, equality, diversity, culture and respect—with community service the driving force behind its operations.

The IWC is delivering Reconciliation in Action—working with and for the community to deliver the type and level of services required by all in our society.

We serve both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and deliver whole-of-person holistic health, wellbeing and family services to all across the regions.

We have not wavered from our original intent, and continue to be committed to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people, and the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Cultural Painting of the IWC Transformation Model

The painting above represents the IWC Model. It depicts how the model has emerged and integrated into society, and its ability to create linkages within the broader community. This Model was depicted through this artwork created by Sandra Marriage in 2007. 


Local Traditional Owner / Elder Averill Eggmolesse said, as IWC was formed:
"I have waited for a health service to my my people for 64 years. I never thought I would be alive to see it happen."