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'Precision Medicine' on the horizon

November 29, 2019

This month the IWC Health & Wellbeing Complex in Bundaberg hosted a community presentation by QIMR Berghofer. The presentation on Genomics, delivered by Catherine Brown and Greg Pratt, doubled as a feedback session aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.





Mr Pratt, who is the Manager for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research at QIMR Berghofer, said it was part of a 10-part tour of Queensland trialling a new patient brochure, which concluded in Mackay on Wednesday.


“It’s about telling people they can request genetic testing from a GP or specialist, particularly around specific inherited diseases. More broadly, it’s about the way genes and DNA affect your health journey,” he said.


“Over the next decade we will see more and more ‘precision medicine’ come to fruition, so our health services will be looking at medicines based on your genetics and your DNA. So you’ll be able to go to your GP in the not-too-distant future, identify a particular genetic condition you’ve inherited, and work out which medicines you should take based on your DNA.