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Give us a break from the doom peddlers





So world-renowned Great Barrier Reef expert and climate change debunker Dr Peter Ridd is coming to Bundaberg on 12 August.


Welcome, Dr Ridd. It’s about time. We need a break from all the doom peddlers who keep telling us the Great Barrier Reef is dying, that we face perpetual drought (that was Tim Flannery, who has since been proved very wrong), that the seas are rising or heating up, and that carbon emissions are causing global warming.  In short, we’re all doomed.


These harbingers of doom all get plenty of coverage and credence from both government and the media. But what if they’re wrong? What if the science hasn’t been audited and verified independently? Or what if there are hidden incentives of a funding-driven nature?


The problem is twofold. Firstly, a lot of “policy science” is going on, with generous government funding to organisations that will deliver “scientific facts” supporting a set political agenda.


Secondly, opposing voices – those not predicting a catastrophic end to the world as we know it, or who oppose the close-minded approach to science around the environment – are too often shut down. They are gagged and “de-platformed”, regardless of international credentials and years of expertise. This transpires even when they are only seeking balanced conversation with a view to solutions.


Yet Flannery continues to be revered and quoted widely, despite his completely off-the-planet predictions that have been shown to be without any grounds. That’s because he talks up climate change and the demise of life as we know it. In fact, Flannery’s outrageous predictions caused much unnecessary hardship and financial penalties for ordinary householders who subsequently faced increased home insurance or were even unable to get cover.


The reason behind the climate change hysteria is simple. How can taxpayers continue to be leeched of every hard-earned cent to “fix global warming” if we are not convinced of the heinous state of our environment?


James Cook University (JCU), at which geophysicist Dr Ridd was a P