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PHN conflict of interest is raised

March 4, 2019

COMMUNITY-driven and Aboriginal-run health and wellbeing organisation IWC has hit back at attempts by the region’s Primary Health Network (PHN) to push aside concerns about an Indigenous health program.


Last week, IWC publicly raised serious issues around the Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast PHN. The specific issue, sitting at the heart of what IWC says are deeper problems, relate to the delivery of Integrated Team Care (ITC) funding.


The ITC program is designed to provide supports and services for Indigenous chronic disease sufferers and works hand in hand with the Care Coordination and Supplementary Services (CCSS) program. Both are being run by the PHN in Bundaberg region.


“The PHN’s response to the issues around the ITC program, published in the NewsMail on 27 February, showed a strong desire to play down the situation,” said IWC General Manager Wayne Mulvany.


“The response failed to address the very real concerns and actually omitted information in