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NDIS participant opens business

November 1, 2018

A Bundaberg man is using his cottage to give creative locals a chance to shine and sell their goods.  


Daniel Arthur, 24, officially opened his new business, Mulgrave Street Cottage, on Wednesday. The small cottage sits behind rows of herbs, and contains a range of quality works, all produced locally.


Daniel, who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is determined to explore his opportunities in Bundaberg – in this case, as an entrepreneur.


Mulgrave Street Cottage works on a consignment basis; individual artists or craftspeople submit their works, and if they sell, a portion of the proceeds go to the Cottage, to cover costs. The creator keeps the rest as profit.


“I was stuck for a period of time…I really wanted to work for myself, and start a small venture I could run on my own property. I’d always had this strong inkling for something to do with retail,” he said.


“I tried growing herbs and things along those lines, but I got to thinking ‘hey, why am I trying to do this, when I could get things from other people on consignment, and sell them off’. That’s where this started.


“We want to be helping people who are out of work and have a talent for craft, want to make a profit and help us in the process. We’