Cultural Connect

Cultural assistance program to support the emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their families

IWC is an Aboriginal community-controlled health and wellbeing organisation. IWC’s Cultural Connect program offers two areas of support:

IWC Cultural Connect program flyer-page-

Access to Psychologists:

  • Support across a range of areas


  • For work and non-work-related matters


  • Indigenous psychologist available

Access to Cultural Supports:


Support is provided by Indigenous Support Staff who can offer:

  • Point-of-contact intervention (phone, face-to-face, video-conferencing)

  • We walk alongside you to gain the best culturally responsive outcome

The Cultural Connect program also offers access to Healing Circle Work:

Healing Circle Work demonstrates Aboriginal Cultural ways of doing business “our” way.


Participants are motivated to deal with trauma and life challenges with honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, respectfulness, decency and fairness to themselves and to others.

Using a Touch Phone


07 4331 5457

07 3811 6457 


You can contact IWC Cultural Connect direct using this form. Just start typing in the boxes.

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