Expressions of interest still open for IWC Stage 2

With Stage 2 of the $19.8 million IWC Health & Wellbeing Complex now ready for fitout, IWC is inviting any further Expressions of Interest from Allied / Specialist health and other relevant operations who would like to become part of this exciting complex. Stage 2 has 2765 sqm of floor space, plus onsite parking for tenants and their clients. We are able to offer flexible, cost-effective lease options, and fitout to your requirements. We would invite you to contact IWC General Manager Wayne Mulvany on 1300 492 492, or email A tour of the facility is available on request. Please pass this on to anyone who you believe might be interested in this opportunity An overview of

Who’s in charge – the politicians or the ‘safe seat’ bureaucrats?

IN RECENT days there have been smiles all round within NSW Premier Berejiklian’s victorious Coalition government. Undoubtedly, the winners of the impending Federal election also will be grinning widely as they mouth platitudes such as “let’s get to work running this country”. But who’s really running the nation - elected politicians or the bureaucrats embedded within our Westminster system of government? In the 12 years in my Executive role within non-government organisation IWC, it has become abundantly clear that the latter is the case. Astoundingly, our elected representatives seem to be little more than handmaidens to the entrenched and intransigent processes of bureaucracy. Senior publi

IWC puts 27-acre home farm on market

A POTENTIAL residential drug rehabilitation facility site has been taken off the table after three years of government delays. It follows a 2016 community forum into substance abuse in Bundaberg region which identified the need for a residential drug rehabilitation facility, and IWC’s 27-acre Home Farm as a potential site. But now the community-run health and wellbeing organisation is offering the Home Farm property at 14 Palm Springs Dve, Calavos, to the market. A “Home Open” is to be held on March 22 and 23. “The IWC Home Farm formerly was the Yaamba Men’s Hostel until it closed in 2011,” said IWC General Manager Wayne Mulvany. “In 2015, it was acquired by IWC, and we have undertaken renov

Only a NEW hospital will do for Bundaberg

THERE is no doubt that a new Level 5 hospital is badly needed and will be a boon for Bundaberg. But to even entertain the idea of a refurbished hospital is outrageous – it would simply be a waste of public monies. The existing Bundaberg Hospital has a myriad of issues – it sits on and within a flood zone area and can be difficult to access in a time of disaster. The parking is appalling and it’s landlocked. Plus, its subterranean foundations must have been affected over the years by various weather conditions, including two major floods. It’s as though this aging infrastructure is waiting for the next floods so it can slide into the river! The refurbishment option is one of the discussions t

PHN asked: What is your purpose?

The community conversation about the Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network (PHN) continues, but the PHN itself continues to display an ineptness around listening, responding and communicating that has become its trademark. As Bundaberg NewsMail's Jay Fielding says in this attached article: What is the PHN and why do we need it?

PHN conflict of interest is raised

COMMUNITY-driven and Aboriginal-run health and wellbeing organisation IWC has hit back at attempts by the region’s Primary Health Network (PHN) to push aside concerns about an Indigenous health program. Last week, IWC publicly raised serious issues around the Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast PHN. The specific issue, sitting at the heart of what IWC says are deeper problems, relate to the delivery of Integrated Team Care (ITC) funding. The ITC program is designed to provide supports and services for Indigenous chronic disease sufferers and works hand in hand with the Care Coordination and Supplementary Services (CCSS) program. Both are being run by the PHN in Bundaberg region.

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