Residential rehabilitation pledge welcome

IWC welcomes the promise by the LNP to deliver a residential rehabilitation facility for our region. The community has spoken loudly around the issue of Ice and other drugs in the region. ​ In 2016 IWC hosted, with the NewsMail, the Bundaberg Region Community Ice Forum in which 46 organisations, and more than 80 delegates, participated. As well as the organisations running drug and alcohol programs, delegates came from the frontline areas of our community facing the impacts of Ice and other drugs at the grassroots – police, ambos, schools, the hospital, GPS, pharmacies seniors and youth organisations and groups, government agencies, businesses and many more. ​ The forum took a workshop forma

Cultural Responsiveness Training for all

Real stories about real people are proving the catalyst for positive transformation thanks to ground-breaking work being delivered by IWC Chaplain and Director Cheri Yavu-Kama-Harathunian. Aunty Cheri, an Aboriginal Elder, recently delivered an introductory session on the IWC’s Cultural Responsiveness Training (CRT) package to delegates at a Remote Vocational Training Services (RVTS) workshop in Sydney. “This session was provided for a Cultural Mentors workshop, and the participants came from across Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales and the ACT,” said Aunty Cheri, who has developed the package with IWC colleague Shani Haworth. “Cultural Responsive Training is not about

Sacrifice electricity profits, or pay in lives

Soaring electricity prices are causing irrevocable damage to the health and wellbeing of our communities - physical and emotional. As a provider of services to all, with a focus on Indigenous, disadvantaged, at-risk and vulnerable peoples, IWC is seeing this first-hand every day. Vital medications are not being refrigerated in clients' homes. Food is not being stored or cooked safely, causing contamination and illness. Elderly, frail and unwell people are refusing to put even a fan on in sweltering heat. Many people are taking to their bed as the sun goes down to avoid switching on lights, leading to prolonged periods of inactivity and social isolation. This outcome is in direct contrast to

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