Child & Family Support - Child Protection

IWC would like to acknowledge the funding support it receives from the
Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (QLD)

Families have the right to…

  • healthy relationships
  • a healthy and safe home environment
  • a quality education
  • accessible health and community services
  • express their spiritual and cultural needs
  • learn, gain and practice their spirituality and culture as a part of their healing
  • equality
  • a social identity
  • have their views respected

What is the Child and Family Support Program?

The ‘Child and Family Support’ Program (CFS) is an early intervention/prevention service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (unborn to 18 years of age) and parents/carers.  The program covers the Wide Bay and South Burnett regions and has offices in Bundaberg and Murgon.  
The Program’s goal is to support families identified as in need of assistance, or ‘at risk’ of entering the Child Protection system. In order to fulfil this mission, The CFS team assists families to cultivate life skills which serve to:
  • enhance the quality of life for children and parents/carers
  • decrease the percentage of Integrated children who are placed into care,
  • build positive relationships between children and parents/carers.
How Does the Child and Family Support Program Operate?
The IWC Child and Family Support program assists families by:
  • providing support aimed at keeping them together
  • helping children (Gundoos) to achieve their full potential
  • providing direct support within the family home and local community, in ways that are culturally appropriate and inclusive
  • providing referrals to internal and external services
  • advocacy


Referrals to this program are accepted from:
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Child Safety
  • Queensland Health
  • Youth Justice
Referrals can also be accepted from General Practitioners and Nurses working in Aboriginal Health/Medical Centres such as the IWC medical service with no costs associated with this program service.

For more information on the Child & Family Support Program, please contact us.

184 Barolin St,
Bundaberg, 4670
1300 492 492