Indigenous Engagement and Participation Program

The purpose of this program is to facilitate culturally appropriate men’s and women’s wellbeing programs with the aim to provide support, guidance and increase knowledge within the wider community. Provision of a free internet kiosk for Indigenous community members to seek information relating to employment, housing, education and training resources is available. Community service team members also provide information/referrals to a range of internal and external services.
  • As part of IWC’s Community Services, the Indigenous Engagement & Participation (IEP) team supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as well as those within the lower socio-economic communities through the following avenues:
  • Providing a culturally acceptable place for local Indigenous community members to access services; and
  • Providing local Indigenous people with access and referrals to a range of mainstream and Indigenous specific services and other community support programs
The IEP program networks with employment and other agencies to assist people with information and resources in order to enable them access to a range of transitional services which can assist in seeking employment. 


IWC would like to thank the following businesses for their vital and much appreciated donations to our Community Program. The program's "Food Delivery" initiative enabled IWC to distribute fruit, vegetables and dry goods to those identified as vulnerable and disadvantaged within our community.
  • Nashy’s Produce Farm
  • Burnett Heads Road Hobby Farm
  • Rehbein Family Co Pty Ltd
  • Perfection Fresh Australia Pty Ltd
  • Windhum Farms Pty Ltd
  • Tinaberries Farm
  • Clizah Holdings Pty Ltd- Fruit & Vegetables Wholesaler
  • Lushus Cakes
  • Rise the Bakehouse
  • Fresh Fields Bakery
  • Dream Centre Christian Church
  • Salvation Army- Australia
  • Churches of Christ In Queensland
  • The Catholic Parish of Bundaberg
  • Heritage Christian Centre
  • The Order of Malta
  • Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Australia
  • Kellogg’s Australia