Home Care services

How Can We Help?

The following services can be accessed through IWC Home Care services.  Clients will be assessed through the Community Care or My Aged Care portals to determine the level of service required. Where limitations of resources exists for IWC services, a waiting list will be implemented. Some IWC  services may incur a small charge.
Domestic Assistance
  • Assistance with home duties eg:
  • general cleaning
  • mopping
  • vacuuming
  • toilet/bathroom cleaning in  the indiviuals personal living space
  • bed making
Home Maintenance
  • lawn mowing
  • rubbish removal
  • minor home maintenance (eg: changing lightbulbs, tap washer - fees apply)
Social Support
  • assistance with shopping
  • assistance with keeping appointments
Centre-based Day Respite (9am - 2pm)
  • care, company and group activities conducted at the Centre
  • available for medical appointments, shopping and outings arranged by the Centre
In Home Respite
  • minimal day respite hours can be arranged to give the primary carer a break from their caring role to attend appointment, shopping etc 

Service Overview

IWC Home Care staff can provide various services to assist clients in maintaining their independence.  For quality improvement purposes your client record may be audited and de-identified data may be collected for planning and research purposes.  All information will be treated confidentially. Our full privacy statement is available.

Access to services and eligibility

Eligibility of clients for Home Care services is assessed via the Queensland Government's Community Care and My Aged Care portals. Contact the Community Care portal on 1800 600 300 and the My Aged Care portal on 1800 200 422.

Any person 18+ years can apply who
Are classed as frail/aged
Have a disability or a medical condition that precludes them from carrying out normal tasks of daily life

are at risk of entering a residential facility
Disability eligibility
Must have a disability as assessed under the Disability Services Queensland guidelines by Departmental Staff.
Clients with high levels of need or risk and without provision of services will be given priority:
  • Where limitations of resources exist, a waiting list for services will be implemented.
  • When the Client Waiting List status changes, the person will be formally notified.
  • If a person’s situation changes whilst on the waiting list, the person is to notify IWC HACC and Disability and their eligibility will be reassessed.

Admission process

In order for a person/s to receive IWCL Home Care services, participants must complete and sign an IWC Ltd Consent Form. This agreement process allows both Client and the Service Provider to work together.

Resource allocation:
Where services are provided according to Service capacity, availability and the Client’s needs