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Through counselling, focused group sessions, case management, and interventions IWC’s commitment to the community to promote wellbeing and transformational change is achieved through IWC’s drug and alcohol initiatives and support programs. Individuals and families can seek support from IWC and access its services either at office locations or have a an IWC AOD worker travel to meet them. Proactive education and program promotion through IWC school programs, community event attendance and collaboration with external community agencies ensures IWC is accessible through many and varied avenues. A key resource for schools, community agencies and the wider integrated community as a whole, IWC’s Youth Alcohol and Drug Program as well as AOD workers provide vital resources and support for individuals, their families, and the wider community. 

Working predominantly with youth aged between 12 – 24, this identified high risk section of the community have access to an alternative Youth Program which works with the purpose of reengagement into educational, vocational and cultural pathways. If a client is referred or seeks support, an initial comprehensive assessment is undertaken to assist in identifying the individual’s needs and goals, and the program is then tailored to meet those particular needs and goals. Individual plans are reviewed regularly, ensuring that the person’s changing needs are met, including provision of a suitable time frame within the program. 

For more information on our Youth Alcohol and Drug Program, please contact us.


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