Company Profile

Ara Harathunian IWC CEO and Board Director
Mr Harathunian was elected to the Board in 2010. He has been with the Corporation since 2004 as the Chief Executive Officer. He has assisted in the development of programmes and services and their implementation.  His key expertise lies in policy development; strategic planning; leadership; business development; community development; and staff development. He holds a Bachelor of Engineer (Ceramic), Adv. Dip in Accounting, Cert IV Small Business and Cert IV Governance. He sits as Director and Chairperson on Lonweigh Aboriginal Corporation; Director and Treasurer of Queensland Network of Alcohol & Other Drug Agencies; Director Indigenous Business Institute.

Cheri Yavu-Kama-Harathunian IWC Chaplain,
Board Director and Advisory Council Committee Member
Mrs Yavu-Kama-Harathunian was elected to the Board in 2008. She has assisted in the development of programmes and services and their implementation.  She was involved, alongside her husband,  in the development of the two historical documents that articulated the aspirations of the Aboriginal and Islander people in the Bundaberg region; ‘First Steps- A Blueprint for the Future-2005 -2025 and Second Steps- A Blueprint for the Future- Strategic Planning for 2005 -2025’.  Her key expertise lies in policy development; strategic planning; process education; in-house training; capacity building education; Aboriginal Spirituality and Law; Cultural studies; Healing Circle Work and Counselling; Mental Health; Research; Cultural governance training; Transformational Management Training; Train-the-Trainer;  and staff development.  Cheri is a sought after conference speaker who has a gift to inspire, and empower an audience in a very unique way. She is committed to the aspiration of Sovereignty for Australia’s First Nations Peoples. She is an Elder amongst the Terabalang Bunda and Gooreng Gooreng Peoples and a Senior Elder of her Kabi Kabi  clan/family group.    She was appointed the IWC’s first Chaplain-In-The-Marketplace in October 2012.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Indigenous and Community Health; Masters Criminal Justice; Cert IV Small Business Enterprise and is a Licenced Minister of Religion. She sits as Director on Lonweigh Aboriginal Corporation; Bunya Mountains Elders Council; Director Indigenous Business Institute.  She has been awarded the International Professional of the Year 2013 by World Wide Who’s Who. 

Stirling Eggmolesse, Advisory Council
Committee Member

From the beginning of the inception of this Corporation, Mr Eggmolesse has been a member of the Board. He is a community active, Community Spokesperson.  He has honed his skills in continued employment with the organisation for ten years.  In that time he has moved from field work, into administration work in several programs that were initiated or supported by him in the IWC Ltd.  He assisted in the development of employment and training for Murrie and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout the region. He has been trained in Youth Work, family and community development. He holds Cert IV ATSI Primary Health Care (Community Care); Cert III ATSI Primary Health Care; Cert IV Child Care; Cert III Sports and Recreation; Mental Health First Aid; St. John Ambulance 1st Aid Certificate; I’M Alert- Food Safety Certificate, and he holds a Cert IV in Governance.  He is currently employed by IWC Ltd as a Youth Worker in the Youth and Drugs Program.  He also runs the Men’s Business and Youth Program.  His expertise as a Director is to bring to the Board a strong Community voice with regard to gaps in the IWC service delivery and regarding Youth, Employment and Training, Alcohol, and Drug challenges that the Communities where the IWC footprint is in the landscape now lies.